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A Vision of Post-War Earth

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

A Vision of Post-WWII Earth This 1942 map of a “New World Moral Order” was created by U.S military minds as a vision of the planet once they “crush and completely destroy” the axis nations, noting that “For the reasons of history, economic structure, favourable geography and the welfare of mankind, the U.S.A must, altruistically, assume the leadership of the newly established, democratic world order.” and that “the invincibility of the U.S.A as a military, naval and air power, shall be the major prerequisite.”

Outlined in the map is a plan to bring a final end to the age of colonialism, and usher in an age of continent sized power block, supervised by the U.N and the “Supreme Military and Economic Council”. But like some conspiracy theorists wet dream, there is a dark side. The axis powers are to be “hermetically and indefinitely quarantined” in nation sized ghettos, and their numbers reduced with a tightly enforced “population control policy” and their leaders subject to an “unforgettable” punishment. And taking a leaf from the Communist’s book, every natural resources and the entire logistical infrastructure if the planet would become nationalised, becoming the property of the new super-states, and through them, to be “shared” by the global government.